Established in 2002 to serve Engineers and Technicians with their needs and with trusted high-end engineering products, serving many sectors including Oil & Gas, Environmental, Agriculture, Medical, Construction, Industrial and Informational Technology Sector for both Government and Private Sectors. Over the years, FT Technologies expanded its services to cover Test & Measurements devices, Personal Safety Equipment’s, Security System

Turnkey Solutions

With our partners we offer integrated turnkey solutions to our customers, from procuring of the equipment to packing, shipping delivery door to door with installation and after sales services
Combined with our cost efficient technological solutions and we can take full responsibility for the goods and services we supply because we have all the expertise required to provide best support and services to our customers.

Best Prices & Quality

Our aim is to continue providing the highest level of customer service with best prices through our team of highly trained professional staff. Quality of services is our primary concern and we have established our reputation over the years.

Fast Delivery Process

We’re dedicated to delivering your order as quickly and affordably as possible. We offer a range of delivery options, so you can choose the shipping method that best meets your needs.

We can help you in International Trading

FT Technologies has wide experience and knowledge of Export Trading that has been serving the needs of importer companies in the Middle East. Learn more


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