Information Technology

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FT Technologies Inc. is an IT solution provider and experienced value-added re seller that provides its customer with complete technology solutions, including Hardware products, software licenses and IT Technical Service. As the leading supplier of quality IT products to the Middle East and USA, FT Technologies extensive portfolio includes leading global brands reaching top clients throughout the MENA region. FT Technologies commitment to customers is unrivaled. FT Technologies provides IT hardware through an experienced supply chain team that delivers products quickly and efficiently.

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FT Technologies helps clients looking to create or expand their fleet of workstation, desktops, laptops, servers, heavy duty printers & scanners etc. we are capable to provide complete hardware solutions as per client requirement. We maintain partnerships with several industry-leading computing providers to present our clients with a diverse suite of options to fulfill their diverse needs.

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FT Technologes serve clients with software solution from wide range of applications. Let FT Technologies bring your company to new heights with our trusted software partners and knowledgeable support team.